Saturday, November 14, 2009

just more of us

Happy Halloween From the Boyes' House!!

I don't know haw many of you know but halloween is our favorite holiday. & this year it was great! We bought several new people & had a great time decorating. We were also able to give out giant size hershey bars (which has been something we have wanted to do for a while now!)

So to introduce you to some of our new people. This is Me & Clarissa standing by the front door. All the little kids in our neighborhood we too intranced with her to notice the giant candy bar. LOL!
This is Nate & Bradley in the entry way. No one noticed him when they walked up but were freaking out as they saw him on their way out. it was really funny.

& of course we can't leave out our "bone dog" Emory. He was just guarding his hershey bar.

Oh just FYI incase you want to know. I am down 80lbs & Nate is down 140lbs. We are both feeling great!

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